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Do you want to take your performance on the Tennis court to a higher level and improve your strength, core and explosive power?

Hi, I'm Dan chapman and I help men and women in their late 40’s 50’s and over improve their fitness and lifestyle both on and off the court. 


If you're a budding tennis player and take it fairly seriously then my strength & conditioning coaching plans for improving performance on the tennis court will be the perfect accompaniment . Whether you're already at a pretty good level and have regular tennis coaching or just play for fun, my ‘fit for tennis’ 1-1 plan will offer you significant  results no matter your age or level

So what is it?


It's a 3 month ‘bespoke’ 1-1 Personal training program split into 3 phases. Each Phase focuses on improving your personal strengths and weaknesses making sure we address any issues along the way and recognising what needs attention. Over the course of the 3 months I take you through specifically designed ‘made for you’ workouts using unique strength and conditioning exercises and methods which incorporate a combination of weight training and functional body-weight moments which will work on improving all accepts of fitness and performance which as a byproduct will also benefit you in everyday life.  


Some of the important things we focus on throughout the duration of the plan will be Strength & power, Multi directional movements, stability & balance , core strength and much more.


The great thing about the plan is that it can be done anywhere, and you don’t necessarily need much room. I bring everything thats needed to the comfort of your home, garden, local park area or tennis club

Im all about helping people achieve the best version of themselves and I would love to help YOU. 


Therefore If you're interested and would like to find out a bit more then why not sign up to my FREE in-person or virtual consultation. This gives you the opportunity to meet with me and have all of your questions answered.

Click the button bellow to sign up for your FREE 'Fit for tennis' consultation

Meet Avron- Client /Temple fortune Tennis club member

" I started working with Dan during lockdown, I had a few goals: to get fitter for tennis in general, to improve my speed over the court and also to help reduce the constant lower back and shoulder injuries I was getting. I have achieved all those goals, not only am I fitter and faster, but I have not had a single major injury since I started working with Dan. Dan has given me a great set of stretches and other exercises that I now do on a regular basis. I can really feel the difference ! "

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